How to Add ProProfs Live Chat to Drupal Ver 8.X Website


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Download the Module file for Drupal Ver


Here's how you can set up ProProfs Live chat on your Drupal CMS:

Step 1: On your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard, go to Settings >> Installation and copy the Live Chat installation code.


ProProfs Chat installation code


Step 2: Log in to your Drupal admin account, go to Extend >> List and click + Install new module.


Step 3: Choose to upload a module file.


Install new module


Step 4: Select the ProProfs Live Chat module.


ProProfs Chat module


Once the module is installed, a block for Live Chat is created.


Step 5: Go to Structure >> Block and select the location (such as the Header) where you want the Live Chat icon to appear. Then, under the Place Block window (as shown below), place the ProProfs Live Chat block by clicking Place block.


Place block


Step 6: Go to Configure Block to configure the block settings. Paste the Live Chat installation code in the box and leave the Display title blank. The Drupal 8 integration is now finished.


Configure ProProfs Chat module






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