How to Integrate FogBugz With ProProfs Live Chat


ProProfs Live Chat and FogBugz integration offer a prompt Add-on to set up a live chat facility into your FogBugz system. Just follow the steps below and you are all set to start managing chat in your FogBugz CRM system.


Here's how you can integrate ProProfs Live Chat with FogBugz:

Step 1: Download the API library for FogBugz and make a script using that library. Upload the script file and library files on your server.

Step 2: Access your ProProfs Chat dashboard and go to Settings >> Advanced >> API. Then do the following:

1. Go to the tab Chat Transcripts.

2. Enable the setting Post Chat Transcript.

3. Enter the Host and the Script Path.

4. Select a Port. Once you're done, save.

Integrate FogBugs

Step 3:
Now Login into your FogBugz CRM account and notice the transcripts as new cases.



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