How to Integrate Sugar CRM With ProProfs Live Chat


ProProfs Live Chat and Sugar CRM integration enable your chat and visitor information to be stored automatically in the Sugar CRM.


Here's how you can integrate ProProfs Live Chat with Sugar CRM:

Step 1: Download the module for Sugar CRM ( Download ).


Step 2: Once you're logged in, click Admin.

Navigate to Admin to Setup Sugar CRM Integration


Step 3: Go to the section Development Tools and click Module Loader.

Navigate to Developer Tool and Select Module Loader


Step 4: Browse the file and upload the ProProfs Live Chat module in Sugar CRM.

Upload ProProfs Live Chat Module to Sugar CRM


Step 5: Install the module in Sugar CRM.

Install the Module in Sugar CRM

Installing Module in Sugar CRM


Step 6: After the installation, a ProProfs Live Chat Link will appear in the All tab. There you can see all the fields related to the chat transcript.

All the Chat Transcript Fields are Displayed in All tab


Step 7: Download the PHP script file and change the Sugar CRM path in the PHP file. Then, upload this script on your server.

Change Path & Upload Script


Step 8: Access your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard and go to Settings >> Integration.

Navigate to Settings and Select Integration


Step 9: Click on the Chat Transcript tab. There is an option of Enable & Disable Message select the Enable Button.

Enable Settings

Enable Chat Transcript Setting


Step 10: Place your website address in the Host and the Path of the file of sugar CRM that you upload on your server in the Script Path.


Step 11: In Port you can leave it at Default HTTP, If you want the HTTPS connection then select the Secure mode and click on Check connection. Once the connection is verified click on Save Changes.


Add Host, Script Path and Port for Integration


Now all the chat sessions will automatically store in your Sugar CRM account.


Chat sessions will automatically store in your Sugar CRM account


Chat sessions will automatically store in your Sugar CRM account 






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