How to Create a Help Desk Ticket Within a Chat Window


ProProfs Chat enables you to create a Help Desk ticket without leaving the chat window. As a result, it reduces the turnaround time (TAT) and equips them to deliver an improved customer service experience. During ticket creation, your operators can also attach chat transcripts and access their Help Desk inboxes directly from the chat window.


Creating a ticket from within the chat window helps you:


  • Reduce response time

  • Save time that operators otherwise invest in ticket creation

  • Improve customer experience


In this article, you'll learn:



 How to Enable Your Live Chat Account Integration With Help Desk


Step 1: To connect your ProProfs Chat and Help Desk accounts, go to Settings >> Channels from your Chat Dashboard.


Step 2: Click Help Desk and enable the integration.


Enabling ProProfs Live Chat Integration with Help Desk


Step 3: Once enabled, the following message appears confirming Help Desk integration with your Live Chat account. Easy, isn’t it?


Integration Successful Message


 How to Create a Help Desk Ticket From Within a Chat Window


Step 1: In the chat window,


  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to the End Chat button.
  • Select Create Ticket to create a new ticket. A new form opens.


Creating a new ticket from within a chat window


Step 2: Follow the instructions as mentioned below:


1. Inbox: Select the Help Desk inbox to which you want to assign the ticket.

2. Email: The user's email address is automatically picked up by the system. This field is not editable.

3. Subject: Enter the topic for the ticket.

4. Message: Explain the issue in the provided space. This field is optional.

5. Enable "Do you want to attach a transcript?" if you want to include the chat transcript.

6. Assign to me: The operator can check the box to assign the ticket to oneself.


Click Create.


Enter ticket details


Step 3: After you click Create, you will see the following message in your chat window, and the ticket will appear under Tickets on the right panel.


Ticket creation successful


Here’s what the ticket will look like in your Help Desk account:


Previewing the ticket in the linked Help Desk Account


Note: The ticket will be reflected in the corresponding Help Desk inbox only after the current chat has ended.


Alternatively, you can create a ticket after ending the chat to reduce the customer’s waiting time.


Creating a new ticket after ending the chat


 How to Create a Help Desk Ticket From a Chat Transcript


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard,


  • Click Transcripts. A list of your chats appears here.
  • Click to open the chat transcript for which you wish to create a help desk ticket.
  • Move your cursor to the Create Ticket icon and click on it.


Creating a new ticket from the chat transcript


Step 2:


  • Enter the ticket details as mentioned in Step 2 in the ticket form that opens up.
  • Click Create.


Enter ticket details


Your ticket has been created successfully, and you can find it in your ProProfs Help Desk account.



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