How to Integrate ProProfs Live Chat With Knowledge Base


Improve user experience and reduce chat tickets by integrating the Knowledge Base with the chat window. Users can access self-help options and still connect with an operator if their question remains unanswered. This help article will guide you through the simple steps to integrate ProProfs Chat with your Knowledge Base, allowing you to leverage the power of knowledge while delivering exceptional customer service.


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Here's how the chat window will appear with Knowledge Base articles:


ProProfs Chat Integration With ProProfs Knowledge Base


Benefits of ProProfs Knowledge Base Integration with ProProfs Live Chat:

  • Reduce tickets by up to 80%.
  • Provide Instant Answers to Customer Queries.
  • Save & Retrieve Information for Future Use.


In this article, you will learn:


1. Integrating ProProfs Chat with Knowledge base

2. Deleting Condition 


How to Integrate Knowledge Base with ProProfs Chat


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Chat dashboard, navigate to Settings > General > Knowledge Base, and click"Add Condition."




Step 2: Enter the knowledge base label and heading label, select the conditions, enter the knowledgebase URL, and click "Select Articles."


set condition


Step 3: Select articles from the list and click Add.


select articles


Step 4: Click "Save" to implement and secure the changes..


To Delete a Condition


You can also delete a condition if you no longer require the Knowledge Base articles to display in the chat window. Simply click the delete icon and confirm the prompt action by selecting Yes.


delete condition


That's all you need to know about integrating the ProProfs Chat with Knowledge Base. 



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