How to Add ProProfs Live Chat to Your Wix Website



Wix is a versatile cloud-based website builder that lets you create and customize a website. ProProfs Live Chat supports integration to a Wix-based website. Integrating Live Chat with Wix lets you engage with visitors directly through chat.


You can start conversations in real-time, thereby improving customer service and also simultaneously providing customer support where needed. You can initiate conversations through greetings and also notify visitors about upcoming changes through chat announcements.


Integrating ProProfs Live Chat Support in your Wix website helps you to:


  1. Provide real-time support to your visitors

  2. Reduce dependency on your customer support by answering frequently asked queries

  3. Earn customer’s trust and loyalty


How Your Wix Website Will Look After Live Chat Integration:


This is How Live Chat & Wix Integration Looks


Here's how you can integrate ProProfs Live Chat with your Wix website.


Step 1: In your ProProfs Live Chat Account:


  • Navigate to Settings 
  • Click the Installation tab.
  • Copy the Live Chat Installation Code.


Copy the Live Chat Installation Code

Step 2: 

  • Log in to your Wix account.
  • Open the Wix Website Editor and click on the Add tab (it’s the plus '+' sign on the menu to the left in WIX editor).
  • Go to 'Embed', then select 'Embed a Widget.'


Click on the Add button and go to Embed


Step 3: 

  • Click on HTML Iframe 
  • Click on Enter Code. A new window will open up.
  • Paste the ProProfs Live Chat Code here.
  • Once done, click on Apply.


Paste the ProProfs Live Chat Code here


Step 4: 

  • You have to 'resize' the HTML box. Click the HTML box to select and highlight it.
  • Change the size (Width: 350 and Height: 410) from the settings toolbar. The box is now big enough for the chat window to expand when clicked.


Set the size of the box as per the Live Chat Window


Step 5: 

  • Right-click and select Pin to screen
  • Set the position to the bottom right corner of your website or select a location of your choice for the chat window to appear.


Select a location of your choice for the chat window to appear

Step 6:

  • Save the changes and click Preview from the top right of the Wix dashboard.
  • Check the chat window.
  • To sync the Wix website with ProProfs chat go back to the editor and click Publish.



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