How to Integrate ProProfs Chat With Power BI and Analyze Chat Data


ProProfs Chat integration with Power BI provides a powerful way to analyze chat data. This article will guide you through using the ProProfs Chat API to load chat data into Power BI in a tabular format. Once integrated, you can leverage Power BI’s analytical capabilities to gain insights from your chat data.

Here’s what the chat data will look like in the Power BI console:


Preview of Chat data in Power BI


Prerequisites to integrate ProProfs Chat with Power BI:
- ProProfs Chat account
- Power BI Desktop App


To integrate ProProfs Chat with Power BI:



1. Go to Settings in the top navigation menu in your ProProfs Chat account and select Integrations from the left panel.


Go to Integrations in Settings


2. Activate the Power BI integration using the toggle button. An overlay will open.


Enable Power BI integration


3. In the Manage Power BI integration overlay, select the date range and the operator you want to analyze data for. Click Generate URL and copy the link below.


Generate URL with custom API for select conditions


Please note that the URL generated is only available for a single use. You can view its status in the "Used" column. To obtain a new URL and load data in Power BI, you can click on the "Regenerate URL" icon that is located next to the delete icon in the "Action" column.


The next steps will be performed in the Power BI platform.


Power BI


1. In the Power BI console, click Get Data and select Web as the data source.


Get data from Web


2. Paste the URL from the step above in the field and click OK. The console will fetch the data automatically.


Paste the URL to fetch data from ProProfs Chat


3. Select Displayed Text (1) on the left pane in the Navigator and click Transform Data (2).


Transform the fetched Data


4. Click Parse and select JSON from the list.


Parse the data into JSON


5.1 Once the data is parsed, click the “To Table” icon to convert the data into a tabular format.


Convert parsed data into table


5.2 Now, in the popup, select the delimiter and the condition for handling extra columns. Click OK.


Create a table


5.3 Click the icon to expand the columns. You can check/uncheck to include/remove the data points from your table. Once done, click OK.


Expand columns


Here’s what the table will look like:


Final chat data preview


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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