How to Integrate Salesforce CRM With ProProfs Live Chat


ProProfs Live Chat and Salesforce CRM integration empower the sales and the support teams to move the relevant information collected during the live chat sessions directly to the Salesforce CRM. It further enables the automatic creation of new leads and contacts as soon as you begin a live chat.


Chat transcripts along with the other details collected via ProProfs Live Chat are added to Salesforce to support sales leads for future reference. ProProfs Live Chat and Salesforce together provide enhanced customer interaction, support functions, and real-time analysis.



Benefits of Salesforce & Live Chat Integration:

  • Know Customers Inside-Out.
  • Identify Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities.
  • Central Repository to Track Journey.


Before you start with the integration process, make sure that your Salesforce dashboard is in the Classic view. Here's how you can do that:


Step1. On your Salesforce dashboard, go to your profile at the top right corner and click Switch to Salesforce Classic, as shown in the screenshot below.


Salesforce dashboard


Follow these simple steps mentioned below to integrate ProProfs Live Chat with Salesforce.


Step 1: Click Setup on the top right-hand side of the Salesforce page



Step 2: On the left side menu, go to BuildCustomiseLeadFields.




Step 3: Create a new field with data type Text Area (Long).


Text area  


Step 3.1: Name the field "Chat Transcript" in the Field Label box. Then, click Next.


Field label


Step 3.2: Set the field level security and click Next.


field security


Step 3.3: Click Save.


Field label


Step 4: Now go to User→My Settings.


Go to User and click on My Settings


Step 4.1: Go to PersonalReset my Security Token and click Reset Security Token.


Reset security token


Step 5: You'll get an email with the Security Token.


Security token


Step 6: Log in to ProProfs Live Chat, then go to SettingsIntegration and enable Salesforce.




Step 7: Click Manage and enter your User ID, Password, and Security Token. Finally, save.




Step 8: After integration, whenever a lead is generated, the user details will be available in the Salesforce.









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