How to Integrate ProProfs Chat with Zapier


Integrate ProProfs Chat with Zapier to automate workflows in other applications whenever certain events occur in your chat service. This integration enables you to configure Zaps within Zapier that can, for example, trigger an email through Gmail when a chat session starts, ends, or when an offline message is received.


Follow the help article for step-by-step instructions on initiating the integration within ProProfs Chat’s settings, selecting the desired triggers, and configuring the corresponding actions in Zapier.


Use Case: 


Imagine a scenario where your customer support team uses ProProfs Chat to interact with website visitors. Integrating with Zapier automatically creates a new contact in the preferred CRM when a chat begins & ends, and also logs a ticket in the CRM for every offline message received. This ensures that every valuable customer interaction is seamlessly recorded in your CRM without the need for manual data entry. 




  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort in data transfer 

  • Seamlessly sync chat data with other apps, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your records

  • Receive real-time alerts in external tools, enabling quick responses to customer inquiries


To Integrate ProProfs Chat with Zapier


Step 1: Navigate to Settings and select Integration. Look for the Zapier integration under the Featured list and turn on the toggle button.


access zapier integrations


Step 2: A screen overlay will appear. Copy the Email and Token. These details will be used to authenticate your ProProfs Chat account with Zapier.


email and token


NOTE: The token will automatically generate once you activate the toggle.


Step 3: Setting up Zap in Zapier


  • Log in to your Zapier account and click “+ Create Zap.”


create zap in zapier


  • Name your Zap and click Trigger.


name xap and click trigger


  • Search for “ProProfs” in the search bar and select “ProProfs - Live chat & Chatbot” from the search results.


search proprofs chat


Here are the events you can choose from:


  • Finished Chat: This event triggers when a chat is ended. If you select this, your Zap will run whenever a chat session is concluded in ProProfs Chat.
  • Offline Message: This event triggers when a ticket is created from an offline message. If you select this, your Zap will run whenever ProProfs Chat receives a message while offline, and a ticket is generated.
  • Start Chat: This event triggers when the chat is started. Selecting this means your Zap will run whenever a new chat session is initiated in ProProfs Chat.


event type


  • For demonstration purposes, we'll select the event as "Finished Chat" and click Continue


select event as sent mail


  • Click "Sign in" to grant Zapier access to your ProProfs Chat account.


sign in to proprofs


Step 4: Enter the Email address and Access token (Step 2) and continue.


connect zapier to proprofs chat


Step 5: Test the Trigger


  • Click “Continue” after entering credentials.




  • Click “Test Trigger” to ensure the connection is established.


test trigger


Step 6: Set Up Action in Zapier


  •  Click “Continue” with the selected record.


continue with selected record

  • Select your required CRM app from the list or search for it. For reference, we’ll be selecting the Gmail app for test purposes.


Add Gmail App


  • Select the event as “Send mail” and click “Continue.”


select event


  • Sign in to your Gmail account and click “Continue” to proceed.


continue with gmail


  • Fill in the required fields and click “Continue.”


fill action fields


Step 7: Click “Test step.”


test step


Step 8: A test email will be sent to your Gmail account. Click “Publish” to finalize the changes. 


publish zap


You will get a confirmation message once your Zap is successfully created.


zap successfully created

You've now successfully integrated your ProProfs Chat account with Zapier. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

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