How to Integrate ProProfs Live Chat With MS Dynamics


ProProfs Live Chat Integration with MS Dynamics 365 helps proactively reach out to website visitors to drive more sales. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables you to assemble leads and cases, expand email marketing lists, and monitor sales!


Integrate ProProfs Chat with MS Dynamics, a business application platform, to improve the end-user experience using its built-in applications and tools.


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Once the integration is done, basic information such as the name and email is automatically sent to their respective standard fields in the MS Dynamics CRM. For custom field mapping, you may contact our customer care.


Field mapping is required to send the data (values collected from multiple channels like pre-chat form, custom variables, chat transcripts, etc.) to their corresponding fields in the MS Dynamics CRM.


These values help in generating the three main components of this integration:

1. Case (used to track a customer request, question, or issue),

2. Contact (a customer, supplier, or colleague), and

3. Lead (a prospective customer for your product/service).


Benefits of the ProProfs Live Chat integration with MS Dynamics:


  • Send information between chatbot and MS Dynamics seamlessly

  • Use the capabilities of Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management via a single platform


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to Create an Application in Azure Active Directory

2. How to Enable ProProfs Chat and MS Dynamics Integration

3. How to Create an Application User in the Power Platform Admin Center


 How to Create an Application in Azure Active Directory


Step 1: Log in to your Azure account and open Azure Active Directory(Azure AD).


Microsoft Azure dashboard


Step 2: In the Azure Active Directory admin center, go to Azure Active Directory on the left panel. Then, under Manage, click App RegistrationRegister an application.


Register an application


Step 3: In the registration window,


  • Enter the app name, for example, Microsoft Dynamics Cases for ProProfs Chat (you can change it later).

  • Select the second option (multi-tenant) in Supported account types and click Register.


Enter app details


Step 4: Go to the API permissions tab,


  • Click Add a permission.


Add a permission


  • Choose Dynamics CRM.


Choose Dynamics CRM


Step 5: Select the user_impersonation permission and click Add permissions.


Click Add Permissions


Step 6: Click on Grant admin consent for your organization and confirm it by clicking Yes. You should see: Successfully granted admin consent for the requested permissions.


Grant Admin Consent


Step 7: Go to the Overview tab and note the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID.


Save Client ID and Tenant ID


You will need those details during the setup of the ProProfs Chat integration.


Step 8: Go to Certificates & secrets and add a new client secret by clicking the button.


Add new secret


Step 9: In the Description field, enter “Microsoft Dynamics Cases for ProProfs Chat” and choose the expiration time for the client secret.


For the expiration date, we suggest choosing Never, but it all depends on your organization.


Click Add to save changes.


Enter details and click Add


Step 10: Note down the newly created Secret ID. You’ll need it during the ProProfs Chat integration setup.


Secret ID


 How to Enable ProProfs Chat and MS Dynamics Integration


In your ProProfs Chat account,


  • Go to Settings > Integrations (on the left panel).

  • Click to enable Microsoft Dynamics. A pop-up window opens.

  • Under the Settings tab, enter details and allow the creation of contacts, leads, and cases.

  • Click Save.


ProProfs Chat Integration with MS Dynamics


You can also configure CRM field mapping. To do so,


  • Switch to the Configuration tab.
  • Select the field you want to display over the operator screen to map into your CRM.
  • Enter the CRM Field Name.
  • Click Add.


Configure CRM Field Mapping


The purpose of field mapping is to help you save time & effort while re-entering information from fields in one record into corresponding fields of another.


 How to Create an Application User in the Power Platform Admin Center


Let’s say this is your app in your Azure’s Active Directory in the App Registrations. Next, you want to create an Application User in Dynamics CRM for this app.


Step 1: Go to the Power Platform Admin Center, and locate your D365 CRM/Dataverse environment in Environments.


Step 2: Under Settings, you’ll see Users, expand the same, and see Application Users.


Step 3: Your registered apps will appear here. You can add a new app using the “+ New App User” button above.

Add New App User


Step 4: Click + Add an app.


Add an app


Step 5: Select the app you created from the list of all the apps in your Azure’s Active Directory and click Add.


Select the app


Step 6: Click Create after adding the app you want for which you want to create an Application User.


Create a new app user

You can now find the app under the Application users section in your environment.

Newly created user for your app


Step 7: Decide the Security Roles based on the requirement. Select the app user, and click Edit security roles.

Add security roles


Choose as many roles as you want from the list. For instance, here, I have chosen three.

Select security roles


The assigned number of security roles will appear against the application in the Application users segment.

Indication of the number of security roles of the application user


That is all about ProProfs Chat and MS Dynamics integration.



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