How to Integrate Nutshell With ProProfs Live Chat


ProProfs Chat offers seamless integration with Nutshell CRM, empowering businesses to work more effectively and efficiently while saving valuable time. This integration enables businesses to manage leads, contacts, and accounts with ease, elevating their sales and support processes to new heights. By seamlessly connecting ProProfs Live Chat with Nutshell CRM, chat transcripts are automatically sent and logged as activities, creating a streamlined workflow.


Use Case:


A growing e-commerce company is seeking to enhance customer support and sales efficiency. By integrating ProProfs Live Chat with Nutshell CRM, the company achieves a seamless and powerful solution. When a website visitor initiates a chat, ProProfs Live Chat engages them instantly, providing real-time support. As the conversation unfolds, the chat transcript is automatically sent to Nutshell CRM, creating a detailed activity log. The sales team can now access these records, track leads, and monitor representative activities more effectively.


Benefits of ProProfs Live Chat Integration with Nutshell


  • Chat transcripts are automatically sent to Nutshell CRM and logged as activities.
  • Sales transcript automation gets easy, saving time and effort and allowing sales teams to focus on nurturing leads and closing deals.
  • Track leads and monitor chat activities within Nutshell CRM, improving sales performance and identifying areas for improvement


To Integrate ProProfs Chat with Nutshell


Step 1: Log in to your Nutshell account and navigate to Settings > API keys. Click on the API key.


nutshell api keys


Step 2: In the Edit API key popup window, set permission as "API + user impersonation" and copy the API address (API key)


edit api key


Step 3: Log in to your ProProfs Chat account and navigate to Settings > Integrations. Look for Nutshell integration under the CRM tab and enable it. 


enable nutshell integration


Step 6: In the Nutshell integration popup window, enter the User ID and API key. Click Save to apply the changes.


enter nutshell credentials


You have successfully integrated ProProfs Chat with Nutshell. 


That's all about integrating ProProfs Chat with Nutshell CRM. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 




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