How to Add ProProfs Live Chat to WHMCS


The WHMCS is one of the largest providers of frequent billing software for customer support services. It can recognize a registered client and get direct access to their ticket, profile, and other specific information from the chat interface. The chats are logged under WHMCS ticket history; it can detect if a site visitor is logged into your WHMCS installation and hence provides links to diverse WHMCS functionality. The link allows opening the WHMCS web area to view a client's summary, view orders, manage products and services, invoices, emails, view, or edit support tickets.


Benefits of WHMCS & Live Chat Integration:

  • You can send high quality, customized, and professional invoices.
  • PDF versions can be attached, including invoice notification and payment reminder notices.
  • You can invoice or bill your customers in multiple currencies.


Here's how you can integrate ProProfs Live Chat with WHMCS:

Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Live Chat Account. Navigate to Settings >> Integration. Enable WHMCS Integration.


Enable WHMCS Integration


Step 3: Enter Your User ID, Password, and WHMCS API URL (Example: then click on Save.


Enter Your User ID, Password, and WHMCS API URL

Step 4: You have successfully integrated ProProfs Live Chat with. Now, you will get all the Live Chat Transcript into WHCMS in the form of tickets.

You will get all the Live Chat Transcript into WHCMS in the form of tickets






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