How to Set up Live Chat Announcements


With the Live Chat announcements feature, you can effortlessly inform your website visitors, about exciting updates, new products, and service enhancements.


Here is what an announcement will look like:


Announcement look


Benefits of Live Chat Announcements:


  • Captivate your audience with enticing announcements about sale offers, discounts, new products, and exciting features.
  • Increase click-through rates and conversions by delivering engaging announcements that capture visitors' interest.
  • Boost lead generation and attract potential customers through the strategic promotion of your offerings
  • Provide relevant information to interested users, facilitating upselling without being intrusive


To Add an Announcement in ProProfs Live Chat


Step 1: Access Live Chat Settings

  • Go to your Live Chat settings and select "Greetings" under the Chat Window from the left panel.
  • Switch to the "Announcements" tab, and click on "+ Create Announcement" to initiate a new announcement. Alternatively, you may opt for one of our ready-to-use announcement templates, such as Pro Tip, New Integration, or New Mobile App


Alternatively, you can choose one of the announcement templates - Pro Tip, New Integration, and New Mobile App.


Create a new announcement in the Greetings section in Chat Window Settings


Step 2: Customize the Announcement


1. Add the announcement title


2. Add a condition that will trigger the announcement. You can add multiple conditions by clicking the green plus (+) button. The conditions that you can choose from are:

  • Time spent on the current page
  • Time spent on the website
  • The user visited at least
  • Returning visitor
  • URL


3. Customize the announcement in the following ways:

  • Edit the default text in the text box depending on your requirements.
  • Enable the CTA button.
  • Replace the Click Here text for your CTA and provide the URL to redirect users to the specific page.
  • Enable Image and add an image to the announcement for a more significant impact.


4. Set the duration of the announcement and how often you want it to appear. You can also decide where the announcement appears on your website - Top, Middle, or Above Chat Icon. 


5. Activate the announcement by toggling the button in the top-right.


6. Save your announcement or preview it before saving.


Set up a new announcement after configuring the provided settings


That's all about setting up the user announcement in ProProfs Live Chat. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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