How to Enable Voice Assistant in Chatbot


ProProfs Chat lets you enable the voice assistant feature in the chatbot to enhance the customer support experience.


The Bot Voice Assistant in ProProfs Chat is helpful as it:


  • Offers hands-free operation.
  • Saves time and resources.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.



Below is ProProfs Chat Window with Bot Voice assistant turned on:




How to Enable Voice Assistant in Chatbot


Step 1: Go to “Settings” in the menu bar.


Go to Settings


Step 2: Under the “Chat Window,” click “Settings.”


Chat Window Settings


Step 3: Under Settings, navigate to the “Voice Assistant” tab and enable it using the toggle button. Click “Save.”


Voice Assistant


The Voice assistant feature is now activated in the chat window.


ProProfs Chat Window with Voice Assistant

If a user wishes to mute/unmute the Voice assistant, they can do so by clicking on the mic button in the chatbot.


ProProfs Chat Window


That is all about bot voice assistant in ProProfs Chat.



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