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ProProfs Live Chat enables you to set a maximum wait time within which you can respond to a visitor's chat invite. For example, you can set a maximum wait time of 25 seconds, which allows you to accept a chat invitation before 25 seconds are over. Additionally, the visitor has the option to leave an offline message in case they don't wish to wait for their chat invitation to be accepted. A visitor can leave an offline message even after the maximum wait time is finished.


Here's how you can set a maximum wait time:

Step 1: On your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard, click Settings.


Navigate to Settings


Step 2: Under the Chat Window dropdown on the left side of the screen, click Settings and switch to the Real-Time Monitoring tab. Toggle the Maximum Wait Time option to Yes. Enter the maximum wait time (in seconds) in the text box provided. Click Save once you're done.


Enter maximum waiting time


Here's how the chat window will appear to the user during the 'maximum wait time.' The user can click Leave a message to directly go to the offline message form and skip the remaining waiting time.

offline message


Additionally, the Real-Time Monitoring window also provides the option to Auto Logout to chat operators. They can auto-logout either at a specific time or after a certain time period.


Here's how you can set Auto Logout for chat operators:


Step 3: Toggle the Auto Logout option to Yes, as shown in the screenshot below. This will provide auto-logout options - By specific time and By time period. Choose one of the two depending on which serves your purpose better.


Please note that if there's a chat in progress at the time an operator is scheduled to auto-logout, in that case, only the chat status will change to offline while the operator will remain logged in to their ProProfs Chat account. Once the chat is finished and closed, the operator will be logged out.


Select auto-logout options






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