How to Set up Maximum Wait Time 


Set up both the Maximum Wait Time and Auto Logout features for chat operators in ProProfs Live Chat. Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth and efficient chat experience for both visitors and operators.


Setting up maximum wait time offers you the following benefits:


  • Allows chat operators to prioritize and manage incoming chat invitations effectively
  • Visitors to your website are assured of a prompt response to their chat invitations
  • Prevents unnecessary delays and ensures that operators can handle multiple chats while meeting response time expectations


In this help article, you'll learn:


1. Setting Maximum Wait Time

2. Setting Logout Time for Chat Operators


To Set Maximum Wait Time


Step 1: Navigate to Settings, and then proceed to Chat Window > Settings. From there, select the Real Time Monitoring tab.


chat window settings

Step 2: Enable the Maximum Wait Time feature within the Real Time Monitoring tab and enter the desired wait time in seconds.


set maximum wait time


When a visitor initiates a chat and the Maximum Wait Time is in progress, they will see the chat window. To offer them the option of leaving an offline message and bypassing the remaining waiting time, we have included a "Leave a message" button.


offline message


NOTE: Additionally, the visitor has the option to leave an offline message in case they don't wish to wait for their chat invitation to be accepted. A visitor can leave an offline message even after the maximum wait time is finished.


To Set Logout Time for Chat Operators


To prevent chat operators from remaining logged in indefinitely, you can set up Auto Logout options. To do this, proceed as follows:


Step 1: In the Real Time Monitoring tab, toggle the Operator Availability option to "Yes." This will open up two Auto Logout choices - "By specific time" and "By time period." Select the one that aligns with your operational requirements.


NOTE:  If there's a chat in progress at the time an operator is scheduled to auto-logout, in that case, only the chat status will change to offline while the operator will remain logged in to their ProProfs Chat account. Once the chat is finished and closed, the operator will be logged out.


set logout time


That's all about setting up the Maximum Wait Time in ProProfs Chat. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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