How to Customize Live Chat Window


ProProfs Live Chat gives you a free hand at customizing the live chat widget. You can change every element from chat minimized window style and color to adding a logo and changing text color for visitors and operators.


You can also customize your chat widget for every operator group separately to make them look different from others.


Customizing your live chat widget enables you to:


  1. Establish your brand presence

  2. Uniquely treat customers at every step


Below is an overview of how you can modify your customize your chat widget:


Customizing the live chat widget for your website



Here’s how you can customize the chat window for your website visitors:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard,


  • Click 'Settings'

  • By default, you arrive in the 'Theme' section under the Chat Window settings.

  • You can find the option to choose groups and edit style, color, logo. There’s also an advanced section to help you further customize your chat widget.


Accessing the Theme settings


Step 2: To begin chat widget customization,


  • Select the group from the dropdown for which you want to set up a particular theme. You can keep it as ‘Default’ if you’re going to generalize the theme.


Selecting the group before beginning to customize the live chat window


Step 3: From here, you can play with various customizable theme settings:


Style: Choose how you want the chat icon to look. You can select between Bubble and Bar.


Icon: If you choose Bubble, you can play around further with the icon type.


NOTE: This option remains unavailable if you go with the Bar icon style.


Choosing Chat Widget Style and Icon


Color: Choose the color for the chat; 'Bubble' or 'Bar,' as per your preference. Click 'More' to expand the menu and customize the visitor and operator text color. 


Choosing the color of your live chat widget


Logo: Add your company logo with this option. Please note that the recommended size is 350 x 200 pixels.


Adding logo to your live chat widget


Below the Logo option, you get to decide the Chatbox Position and Chatbox Size.


You can see the real-time preview of these changes on the preview chat window on the right, as shown in the screenshot below.


Real-time preview of Chatbox Size and other settings


Step 4: Make sure to click ‘Save Changes’ at the end.


That is all about how to customize the live chat window in ProProfs Live Chat.


More Live Chat Customization Options


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