How to Enable Missed Chat Notification


The "Missed Chat" feature enhances customer support capabilities and improves responsiveness. It enables you to handle chat requests you could not attend to or miss due to unavailability. 


With this feature, you can efficiently manage and respond to those missed interactions, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered.


This is how chat visitors receive a Missed Chat email notification when a chat request remains unanswered:


missed chat notification sent to customer



Why Enable Missed Chat?


Enabling this feature allows you to efficiently manage and respond to missed interactions, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered.


To Enable the Missed Chat Request


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Chat account and navigate to Settings > Chat Window > Missed Chats.


missed chat notification settings


Step 2: Toggle on the Enable Email Template option.


enable email template


As you turn on the Email Template option, notification for Missed Chat Requests to visitors is auto-enabled by default. 


Step 3: Enter the subject line and message in the text input field.  


enable email template


Step 4: To keep your team's operators informed about the response updates, select the "Notify Operators" option and provide the email addresses of your team members.


notify operators

Step 5:  Click the Save button to finalize the notification settings


The chat operator, whose email is provided for notification, will receive alerts for missed chat requests as shown below:


missed chat notification to operators

You have successfully enabled the "Missed Chat" notification in your ProProfs Chat account.


NOTE: You can view the Missed Chats in the ProProfs Chat Report. Click here to learn more about Missed Chats.


That's all about enabling Missed Chat notifications in ProProfs Chat. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team



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