How to Customize the Offline Message Form


The ‘Offline Message’ feature allows your customers to send messages even when the chat is offline. When a customer submits an offline message, it is automatically converted into a ticket and added to your ProProfs Live Chat tickets dashboard.


A single offline message form is associated with a particular operator group. You can create multiple offline message forms by customizing the message template for each group. Alternatively, you can integrate a ProProfs survey or third-party survey as an offline message form.


Benefits of offline messages:

  • Never miss a support opportunity
  • Track & resolve tickets when you come back online
  • Capture leads even when you're offline


Here’s an example of an offline message form:


Offline message form


In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to customize the offline message template
  2. How to integrate an offline message form using a URL


To access the offline message template, go to Settings >> Offline Message from your ProProfs Chat dashboard.


Chat settings


1. How to customize the offline message template


Follow the instructions below to customize the template according to your requirement.


Customize offline message forms


Note: Whenever you make any changes to the template, you can see its real-time preview on the right side.


1. Select the group for which you want to customize the template.
2. Under the ‘Custom Fields’ section, the ‘Header’ is the title of the chat window, and you may customize it to communicate the chat status (for example, ‘Chat is offline’) or request the visitor to leave a message.
3. Use ‘Greeting’ to greet the visitor and request them to leave a message.
4.Post Submit Message’ is an acknowledgment after a visitor submits their message.
5. You may customize the ‘Submit’ button label to read something else.
6.Offline Subject’ is the subject of the ticket sent to the operators for the offline message submitted by a visitor.
7. Provide the email address to receive the notification whenever a visitor submits an offline message.
8. Allow or disallow visitors to upload a file along with the message. For example, an attachment could be the image of an error message.
9. Add more fields to the offline message template.
10. Shuffle the order of the fields, edit a field, or delete it.


Don’t forget to save the changes when you’re done.


2. How to integrate an offline message form using a URL


You can integrate a survey either from the ProProfs Survey Maker or from a third-party. Just add the URL in the URL text box and click Save.


The preview of the integrated survey is shown on the right side.


Add custom offline message form




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