Real-Time Visitor Monitoring & User Tracking



The Monitor Window tool enables real-time tracking of your website visitors' activities. This feature displays essential information, such as browsing behavior, chat requests, and ongoing conversations with your operators.


Here's what the Monitor Window looks like:




By monitoring the chat visitors, you can:


  • Get the geographical location of your website visitors for targeting specific regions and offering localized content
  • Capture Comprehensive device insights for optimizing your website's responsiveness and mobile-friendliness
  • Streamline your operator management, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration within your support team.


How to Monitor Real-Time Visitors


Step 1: On your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard, navigate to Chat in the navbar.


chat window


Step 2: The Visitors tab will be visible in the Monitor Window. This tab will remain empty if no current visitors are on your website. You will find a list of your logged-in operators on the right side of the Monitor Window.




Step 3: When your website receives visitors, the Monitor Window provides the following information:


chat window


1. Name: Website visitors are initially labeled as "New Visitors" until they initiate a chat by filling out the pre-chat form. Once the form is completed, the "New Visitor" label replaces the visitor's name.


2. Status: This section indicates the visitor's current activity on your website.

  • If a visitor initiates a chat, the status will be "Incoming Chat."
  • A small laptop icon will be shown if a website visitor is simply browsing.
  • A dialogue box icon will be displayed when a visitor chats with one of your operators.


3. Actions: The Actions column lets you interact with the website visitor.

  • You can "View" an ongoing chat.
  • As an admin, you can "Join" an ongoing chat between an operator and a website visitor.
  • "Accept" a chat request from a website visitor.


4. Duration: This indicates the time a website visitor has spent on your website. The timer resets when a chat is initiated between you/operator and a website visitor.

5. Page: The Page column displays the URL of the page the website visitor is currently browsing on your website.

6. Location: The Location column shows the current geographical location of the website visitor.


7. Device: The Device column displays the device the website visitor uses.



That's all about monitoring website visitors in ProProfs Chat. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team



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