Real-Time Visitor Monitoring & User Tracking


The Monitor Window enables you to keep track of your website visitors. It shows all visitor activities - whether they are browsing your website, sent a chat request, or chatting with one of your operators, it displays everything.


The operators can view ongoing chats, invite visitors/customers to chat, and accept incoming chat requests. As an admin, you can do all this and also join an ongoing chat between your operator and a visitor.


You can also view their geographical location as well as the amount of time they've spent on your website or chatting with an operator.


Here is how a fully functional real-time visitor monitoring window looks like:

This is how real-time visitor monitoring window looks like.


Here's how you can monitor real-time visitors: 

Step 1: On your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard, click on the Launch Chat button to go online.


Click on Launch Chat button to go online


Step 2: You arrive on the Monitor Window, as shown in the screenshot below. When there is no visitor on your website, the Visitors tab appears empty while your operators that are logged in can be seen on the right side in the Monitor Window.


You arrive on the Monitor Window


Step 3: When your website gets visitors, the following information is available:


Track & Monitor Visitors


1. Name: A website visitor is shown as New Visitor unless they have initiated a chat by filling the pre-chat form. Once a pre-chat form is filled, the text New Visitor is replaced by the name of the website visitor.

2. Status: It shows what the visitor is doing on your website.

  • In case they initiate chat, the status is shown as Incoming Chat.
  • When a website visitor is simply browsing, a small laptop icon is displayed.
  • When a visitor is chatting with one of your operators, a dialogue box icon is displayed.

3. Action: It shows what you can do with respect to the website visitor.

  • You can View an ongoing chat.
  • As an admin, you can Join an ongoing chat between an operator and a website visitor
  • Send a chat Invite to a website visitor.
  • Accept a chat request from a website visitor.

4. Duration: It shows the time a website visitor has spent on your website. The timer resets when a chat is started between you/operator and a website visitor.
5. Page: It shows the URL of the page your website visitor is currently browsing on your website.
6. Location: It shows the current location of the website visitor.

7. Device: It shows the device of the website visitor .






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