How to Set up Pre Chat Form in Live Chat


A Pre Chat form enables you to collect important information about your website visitors such as their name, email, phone number, etc., before the actual conversation starts. You can use this information to create potential leads and contacts.


Each Pre Chat form is associated with an operator group that is designed to handle specific chat requests. You can create and customize Pre Chat forms according to their respective operator groups. For example, if you're creating a Pre Chat form for a group called 'Sales', you may want to collect the visitors' contact details. Similarly, if you're creating a Pre Chat form for a group that addresses the issues of your existing customers, you may want to know the issue ticket number before starting the conversation.


Here's an example of a typical Pre Chat form:



And here's an example of a Pre Chat form created for a group that addresses customer issues:



To create a group-specific pre-chat form:


Step 1. Go to Settings >> Pre Chat from your ProProfs Chat dashboard.


Pre Chat


Step 2. The screenshot below explains how you can create group-specific pre-chat forms.


Manage, enable, and disable operator groups


1. All the groups you create become available in the Group dropdown list. Select a group to create a pre-chat form for that particular group. For example, ‘Sales’.

2. Enabling the pre-chat form lets you request specific information from your website visitor before initiating the chat. Disabling this option removes the pre-chat form and allows them to start the conversation directly.
3. Customize the header text of the pre-chat form. You can see the live preview of the form on the right side.
4. Feel free to customize the screen message (greeting).
5. Customize the Submit button text.
6. Add fields in the pre-chat form. You can add the following question types - text, radio, checkbox, dropdown list, and your company’s privacy policy. If you want, you can make the question mandatory for visitors by enabling the Required option and also customize the validation message if you want.

Add fields in the pre-chat forms


7. Customize and switch the order of the fields. Email and Name are the default fields that you can customize but can’t delete.


Note: A Pre Chat form must have at least two fields.

8. Click Save to finish creating the pre-chat form for an operator group.





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