Operator Chat Window


The operator chat window gives you all the tools so that you and your operators can provide exceptional instant support to your customers and website visitors. It is accessible through the Monitor Window.


From the visitor's name, email ID, and their geographical location, you can also view their browsing history of your website, conversation history, send canned responses, add attachments, notes, and more, through the chat window.

Here's how an operator chat window looks like: 

An operator chat window looks like.


On the right side of the chat window is where several visitor details are available. You can also transfer and end a chat from there.

Let's take a look at each of these features in detail:

Operator Chat Window

  1. View visitor details such as their name, email ID, and geographical location. You can also block that particular visitor if necessary.
  2. View information such as which internet browser, operating system, and the device this particular visitor is using.
  3. Transfer chat to another operator.
  4. End the current chat.
  5. Following functions are available:
  • Canned: Quickly respond to the visitor with just a click using canned responses. These are pre-made responses that can be used to greet a visitor and answer some common questions.

Canned Responses, Push URL, Footprints, Conversations

  • Push URL: Add important URLs and share them instantly with your visitors. For example, save links to a Home page or a pricing page of a product and share them with your visitors without guiding them to those web pages.

Push URL

  • Footprints: Shows all those URLs of your website pages that the visitor has gone to.


  • Conversations: Shows the chat history of this particular visitor with your operators including the date, time, and the number of words exchanged in each chat. You can also view the chat transcript by clicking its icon, as shown in the screenshot below.



Furthermore, the chatbox enables you to upload attachments, share emoticon, add notes, and tags.


The chatbox enables you to upload attachments, share emoticon, add notes


  • Add Note: Add a note regarding the conversation or a particular chat message during the conversation. For example, you can add a note to highlight something important. Clicking Add Note displays a small text box, as shown below, where you can enter a note.

Add Note

  • Add Tag: You can attach tags to chats for sorting them out. Up to 10 tags can be added to a single conversation. You can also add more tags by clicking + Add New Tag.

Add Tag






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