How to Add a Post Chat Survey


The ‘Post Chat’ feature allows you to collect customer or visitor feedback right after a chat session is over. The feedback can be used to assess the abilities of your operators and the overall quality of the live chat service provided by you.


A single post-chat survey is associated with a particular operator group. You can create multiple post-chat surveys by customizing our survey template for each group. Alternatively, you can also integrate ProProfs Survey or any third-party survey as a post-chat survey.


Here’s how the post-chat survey looks like after a chat has finished:



Benefits of a post-chat survey:

  • Gather customer feedback instantly
  • Monitor & improve operator performance
  • Identify operator strengths & weaknesses
  • Use it to encourage operators to do better


In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to customize the post-chat survey template
  2. How to integrate a post-chat survey using URL


To access the post-chat survey settings, go to Settings >> Post Chat from your ProProfs Chat interface.


Live Chat settings


1. How to customize the post-chat survey template


Follow the instructions below to customize the post-chat survey template for a specific group.


Create post chat survey


Note: Whenever you make any changes to the template, you can see its real-time preview on the right side.


1. Select the group for which you want to customize the template.
2. Enable the post-chat survey option.
3. Under the ‘Survey Text’ section, ‘Post Rating Message’ is the text that prompts the visitors to share their rating.
4. Provide the email address to receive notifications when a visitor submits the post-chat survey.
5.Submit Message’ is the acknowledgment after a visitor submits the survey.
6. Use ‘Placeholder Text’ to request additional feedback from visitors.
7. You may customize the ‘Submit Button’ text to something of your choice.
8.+Add Question’ allows you to add additional custom fields such as Text, Textarea, Radio, Checkbox, and Dropdown List. You can mark each field as required, in which case, you can add a validation message for it.
9. You have quick access to certain settings allowing you to enable or disable a custom field, mark it required, edit, or delete it. You can even shuffle the order of the fields according to your preference.


Do not forget to save your settings by clicking ‘Save.


2. How to integrate a post-chat survey using a URL


You can integrate a survey either from ProProfs Survey Maker or a third-party. Just add the URL in the URL textbox and click Save.


The preview of the integrated survey appears on the right side.


Integrate third party post chat survey




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