How to Integrate ProProfs Chat SDK in iOS


With ProProfs Chat SDK, you can integrate chat support on your iOS apps for quick customer support. To install ProProfs Chat SDK, add the chat API key to your iOS app package.


The following help article demonstrates how you can install a chat SDK on your iOS apps using the Swift Package Manager(SPM)


Benefits of integrating ProProfs Chat with your iOS apps:  


  • Offers fast and seamless integration with iOS apps for enhanced communication with the chat visitor.

  • Quickly resolve customer queries with additional voice and video input. 

  • Get instant responses through your app's chat interface, building customer trust.


How to Integrate ProProfs Chat SDK in iOS


Step 1:  Open your Xcode editor, and go to File > Add Packages.


xcode editor add package


Step 2:  In the popup



dependency rule


Step 3: Check if the package is added at Target > General > Framework, Libraries, and Embedded Content.


Step 4: To get the ProProfs API key


  • Log in to your ProProfs Chat account and go to Settings > Channels > SDK.

  • Enable SDK using the toggle button.

  • Copy the API key.


proprofs chat sdk


Step 5: Switch back to your code editor. Enter the code snippet: import ProProfsChatIosSDK

   ProProfsChatIosSDK(site_id: "api-key")  to your project code. Replace “api-key” with the key copied from ProProfs Chat.


add sdk in project code


The ProProfs Chat icon will be visible on your iOS app screen after the successful integration.

That is all about integrating ProProfs Chat SDK with iOS apps.



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