How to Train Your Bot With Knowledge Base


ProProfs Chat lets you train and tame the chatbot engine so that it’s better informed to help visitors with their questions. 


Once the chatbot gets trained, it looks for relevant results from your Knowledge Base faster and displays these results to the user as soon as they type in a keyword.


Here’s how your bot responds to the visitor query in the chat window


search results in the chat window


Training your bot with Knowledge Base optimizes the chat window experience, as it lets you 


  • Display the help pages within the chat window without opening it in a different tab

  • Get faster responses to visitor queries


How to Train Your Chatbot for Your Knowledge Base


Step 1: In your ProProfs Chat dashboard, go to Bots and click Edit.


edit chatbot


Step 2: Select the step on which you wish to activate the bot training.


chat window step


Step 3: Enable the “Would you like the user to respond?” option using the toggle button. Select “Custom training” and click Save.


chat window interaction panel


Step 4: Enter your Knowledge base URL and click Start Training.


add url and start chatbot training


This is how your training panel appears when the chatbot gets acquainted with your knowledge base 


chatbot training panel


That is all about training your bot with a knowledge base in ProProfs Chat.





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