How to Set up Shopify Order Tracking via Chatbot


ProProfs Chat lets you set up and configure an order-tracking system in the chatbot for your Shopify store to update customers on their latest orders. The feature eliminates the need for human interference through quick, real-time assistance via a bot.


Here’s a sample preview of the order tracking feature via chatbot:


Shopify Order Tracking Bot Preview


Benefits of order tracking via chatbot:

  • Quick updates: You can get instant information about your order status without waiting for a human agent or calling a customer service number. Just enter your email address associated with your order, and the chatbot will provide you with the latest delivery details.

  • Order invoices: You can access your order invoices anytime using the chatbot. Just click the Track Your Order button to be redirected to the invoice page.

  • No human assistance: You can save time and money by eliminating the need for dedicated human assistance for order tracking. The chatbot can handle multiple queries at once and resolve them end-to-end.


The following guide has two parts:


Part I: Link your Shopify Store to ProProfs Chat

Part II: Set up the Bot Interaction Panel for Order Tracking


To link your Shopify store to ProProfs Chat


Step 1: Open ProProfs Chat Settings and go to Integrations on the left pane.


Go to Integrations under Settings


Step 2: Turn on Shopify, and an overlay will open to link your store.


Enable Shopify integration


Step 3: Click New Store.


Click to add a New Store


Step 4: Now, you will be asked to fill in your store name. You can get this from your Shopify account.

Add your store domain


To know the name of your Shopify store: sign in to your Shopify account at Your store name is in the URL — after the https:// and before .myshopify. You can also find your store name under Store Details and Basic Information in your account settings.

Shopify Store Name


After entering the required details, click Connect to Shopify.


Step 5: You will be redirected to your Shopify account login. Once you log in, the page opens where you can install the ProProfs Chat app and link it with your Shopify store. Click Install App.


Click Install app


The linking completes, and you’re redirected to the Integrations page in your ProProfs Chat account. Here, you can click Manage to check your store. You can link multiple stores through the same process.


To set up order tracking via Bot


Step 1: Go to Bots in your ProProfs Chat account.


Go to Bots


Step 2: The My Bots page will open. If you have not created a bot, add one using the Create New Bot option.


Here, we will edit an existing bot.


Edit a chatbot


Step 3: Click the plus icon (+) to add an interaction panel after the welcome message. Select Order Status in the Choose Interaction Panel that opens.


Note: You can customize the flow of your chatbot the way you like.


Click Order Status


Step 4: Configure the interaction panel by adding a name and the bot response.


Note: The order tracking works only with the email address. Hence, enter the bot response asking the visitor to enter the email associated with their Shopify order.


Set up the interaction


Click Save.


Step 5: After setting up the interaction flow, you can activate the bot in your desired locations in Bot Settings. Click the gear icon of your bot on the My Bots page.


Go to Bot Settings


Step 6: Configure the Show Bot section in the Settings panel by activating it on select or all pages and specifying the URL. Once done, click Save.


Set targeting


Now that you have activated your bot, the next time a customer starts an interaction using ProProfs Chat widget, they can get the order status.


Shopify Order Tracking Bot Preview


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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