How to Accept Chat Requests Automatically


The Autochat feature in ProProfs Chat allows businesses to automate the acceptance of incoming chat requests. With this feature enabled, incoming chat requests are automatically accepted (within the chat limit) without requiring manual intervention from an operator. This ensures that customers receive immediate assistance and eliminates the need for operators to manually accept each chat.


The Autochat feature is a time-saving solution that enhances the customer experience by reducing wait times and providing instant support. By automating the acceptance of chat requests, businesses can efficiently handle high chat volumes and deliver seamless and responsive customer service.


Leveraging the Autochat feature in ProProfs Chat lets you:


  • Reduce wait time and provide instant support
  • Optimize the allocation of resources by automating the acceptance of chat requests
  • Improves operational efficiency by allowing operators to handle more chats


Here's how the incoming chat request is accepted automatically when the Autochat feature is enabled:


autochat feature in ProProfs Chat 


Enabling the Autochat Feature


In your ProProfs Chat account, click the user profile icon and enable Autochat using the toggle button.


enable autochat


Now you have learned how to enable the  Autochat feature, all incoming chat requests will be accepted automatically. For any further assistance or support, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.



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