How to Limit Incoming Chat Requests for an Operator


The Chat Limit feature is a powerful tool designed for administrators to manage and control the number of visitor chat invites that operators can automatically accept. With this feature, administrators can set specific limits for both themselves and individual operators, ensuring efficient and effective chat management within their organization.


Accessible exclusively to administrators, the Chat Limit feature allows them to define the maximum number of chat invites that operators can accept without manual intervention. By setting up to 25 Chat Limits, administrators have the flexibility to customize the restrictions based on the needs and capabilities of their operators.


By leveraging the Chat Limit feature, you can:


  • Prevent chat operators from being overwhelmed with too many simultaneous chats, allowing them to provide better support to each visitor
  • Set up individual chat limits for each operator, taking into account factors such as experience, skill level
  • Optimize chat operator efficiency by limiting no. of chats. 


NOTE: Please note that the operators are required to enable the Auto chat option in their respective settings for Chat Limit to be applicable to them.


To Limit Chat for Operators(s)


Step 1: Go to Operators, and click the drop-down menu to set the chat limit.


Click Operators and you can see the option of Chat Limit


Step 2:  Click Save to apply the changes. 


What happens when incoming chats exceed the limit?


The system does not automatically assign more chats to an operator already handling the maximum number of chats. The incoming chats appear in the operator's dashboard with an option to accept the request (refer to the screenshot below). The chat request will continue until the visitor cancels the request or an operator accepts the request.


The chat request will continue until the visitor cancels the request, or an operator accepts the request


If "Maximum Wait Time" is enabled, the user's request will be active for the time duration set in "Maximum Wait Time." 


In case the Maximum Wait Time gets over, the system assumes all operators are busy. The user requesting to chat is then shown a form offline message form so that they can leave a message.


That is all about harnessing the power of chat limits to optimize performance and ensure seamless customer support in ProProfs Chat. For any further assistance or support, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.



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