How to Create & Manage Operator Groups


Creating operator groups and managing chats with your customers and website visitors is simple with ProProfs. You can assign a keyword and URL to specific operator groups and auto-route chats to a particular group.


Let's say your e-commerce website has a high cart abandonment rate. To tackle this issue, you can create a new operator group that will receive chats when a customer initiates a chat from the cart page. 


Benefits of creating operator groups:


  • Automate rerouting of customer chats to the right groups

  • Reduce the response time to a customer query

  • Improve the overall efficiency of your customer support


Here’s an overview of operator groups you create in ProProfs Live Chat:


Operator Groups


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to Create an Operator Group

2. How to Manage an Operator Group

3. How to Manage Group-Specific Settings


 How to Create an Operator Group


Step 1: In your ProProfs Chat account,


  • Go to Operators >> Groups

  • Click ’+Create Group.


Chat Groups


Step 2: Follow the instructions below:


Set up an Operator group


1. Group Name: Enter the name of your new group in the box. For example, ‘Abandoned Cart,’ to resolve any customer queries related to the checkout and order placement.

2. Routing: To direct customer chat invites to the ‘Abandoned Cart’ group, you can use the following options:


  • Choose a condition between “Is” or “Contains.” Enter the URL or a specific keyword to target.


Specify URL or keywords in the URL to route chat to operator(s)


When your website URL ‘contains’ - You can provide a part of your website URL as a keyword in this option. For example, you can specify the keyword ‘cart’ here, so when a customer initiates a chat on this URL, it will go to the ‘Abandoned Cart’ group.

When your website URL ‘is’ - You can enter the exact URL to route customer chats from that page to a group. 


  • Use the “Add another URL” option to target multiple URLs and redirect customer chats on that page to this group of operators.


Add multiple URLs to reroute chat from those pages to this operator group


3. Manage Operators: Choose operators or a team(s) of operators you want to assign to your ‘Abandoned Cart’ group. Switch between Operators and Teams and check the boxes as shown below. Click ‘Save.


Add operators to the Group


4. Delete: You can delete a particular group if you wish to.


Note: You can enable/disable any group with a simple click of a button.


Click ‘Save’ to finish creating a group.


 How to Manage an Operator Group


Managing an operator group is as easy as creating one. Just click on a group to expand it, and you can edit it there.


Manage an operator group


 How to Manage Group-Specific Settings


In ProProfs Live Chat, you can create group-specific pre-chat, post-chat, and offline message forms to make it more intuitive. Also, you can modify the live chat widget language and customize the live chat window based on your preferences.


Follow the links to learn in detail:



Learn more about operator management in ProProfs Live Chat here. For any further assistance or support, feel free to contact our dedicated support team



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