How to Enable Chat Routing for Operators


Chat Routing enables you to decide how incoming chat requests are handled. You can set up a chat routing time. An operator can accept the incoming chat or let it transfer automatically to the next available operator.


ProProfs chat routing functionality is based on the round-robin concept. The chat goes to operators based on the routing order.


An operator can accept the incoming request within your specified time limit. Else, it will pass automatically to the next one.


Benefits of chat routing:


  • Never miss an incoming chat request

  • Delight customers with prompt support

  • Automatically send chats to the next available operator

  • Route chats to the right group


Here’s how you can enable chat routing:


Step 1: In your ProProfs Chat Account,


  • Go to Operators

  • Enable Chat Routing


How to enable chat routing



Step 2: Follow the instructions below:


Chat Routing


1. Add Operator: Click to add a new operator to your chat routing setup by entering the details in the following form. Click Save.


Adding an operator


2. Routing Order: Drag and drop the operator to arrange them in an order you wish to route a new incoming chat request. The operator at the top will be the first to receive.


3. Chat Routing Time: Set a timer after enabling routing in the first step. It is the time interval after which an incoming chat request is transferred to the next available operator.



Click ‘Save’ to confirm your changes.

Suppose you have multiple operator groups and a chat request is sent to a particular group. In that case, operators receive the chat request based on their routing order.


Chat Groups





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