How to Add & Use Canned Responses in Live Chat


ProProfs Live Chat enables you to add canned responses to facilitate quick replies to common questions and situations. These predefined messages can help you engage visitors while you do work at the backend, thus increasing efficiency. You can use them to welcome a visitor, acknowledge the visitor’s patience, request a visitor to wait for an appropriate response, and so on.


Canned responses allow you to respond to such scenarios with a single click without requiring you to write the same reply repeatedly.


By using canned responses, you can:


  • Reduce response time to common questions

  • Engage visitors with appropriate predefined responses


Here’s what canned messages look like:


Examples of Canned Responses


In this article, you'll learn:


1. How to Add a Canned Response

2. How to Add a New Category Under a Specific Group

3. How to Use the Canned Responses in the Chat Window


 How to Add a Canned Response


Step 1: Accessing Canned Responses


  • Navigate to SettingsGeneral

  • Click 'Canned Responses.'


Opening canned responses page


Step 2: Adding a New Canned Response


  • Click 'Add New Canned.' A slider window opens.


How to add a new canned response


Step 3: Creating a Canned Response 

  • Choose a category in which you want to keep your canned response.

  • Give it a title.

  • Select the appropriate response from our predefined template list. You can even type your own response.

  • Click 'Add" to finish adding a new canned response.


Adding a new canned response for a particular category


The newly added canned response(s) will show up on the main screen under the specific category. You can edit or delete it from here.


Deleting a Canned Response


When you click on the Edit icon, you get options to customize the canned response in multiple ways.


How to edit a canned response


Managing Canned Responses:


Editing A Canned Response


1. Category: You can change the category of a canned response.


Changing the category of a canned response

2. Title: You can modify the title.


3. Response: You can change the message to make it more engaging.


 How to Add a New Category Under a Specific Group


ProProfs Live Chat enables the categorization of canned responses for every group of operators to help you better serve your customers.


Modifying Canned Responses for Group


1. Before adding a new canned response, you can select a group from the dropdown for which you want to set up a new predefined response.

2. After selecting a group, you can be more specific by adding categories and dividing your responses category-wise to enable better assistance from operators to customers.


How to Use the Canned Responses in the Chat Window


Canned responses in the chat window can be used via multiple options.


Option 1: In your ProProfs Chat window, navigate to Canned, and enter a title to select the relevant canned response.




Option 2: Alternatively, you can enter the hotkey (#title) in the chat box and select the relevant canned response from the list.





That is all about adding a new canned response in ProProfs Chat. For any further assistance or support, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.



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