How to Configure the Chat Buttons


Live chat icons let your website visitors and customers talk to your operators instantly. These icons invite visitors to start a conversation with your business and get help. By using live chat icons, you can improve customer service, make visitors more interested, and sell more products or services.


This article shows you how to use different ways to put live chat icons on your website and how to set them up easily so you can connect with your customers better.


Benefits of adding and configuring chat buttons on your webpage:

  • Improved Customer Service: Chat buttons provide instant access to help, enhancing the customer service experience.
  • Increased Engagement: They serve as an invitation for visitors to interact, thereby increasing engagement on your site.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: By providing real-time assistance, chat buttons can help guide users through the conversion process, potentially leading to increased sales or sign-ups.


In this article, you'll learn how to add the ProProfs Chat widget on your website using:


Please be aware that when you use any of these custom chat buttons, their specific codes will replace the default Chat code that might already be present on the same webpage.


Add One Chat Button


1. To customize your chat buttons, go to Settings > Advanced > Buttons on your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard.


Navigate to Settings and click Advanced and select Buttons


2. On the Chat Buttons tab, you can change how the Online and Offline chat buttons look. You can also hide the chat button when no operators are online. Save your changes when you finish.


Then, click the Installation Code link to view the code snippet you can copy and paste on your website.


Customize Chat Button and Install in on your website


You can add more than one “live help” icon or text to your web page in different places.


Add Multiple Chat Buttons


1. Switch to Multiple Chat Buttons tab. Here, you can do the following:


a. Select the chat icon from the dropdown.

b. Select the button style: icon or text.

c. Choose its location on the webpage.

d. Customize the message on the button that will appear when chat support is online and offline.

e. Click "Get additional Code" to view and copy the code.


Customize Multiple Chat Buttons on your webpage


Don't forget to paste the additional code before the </body> tag on the webpage where you want the additional icon to appear.


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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