How to Add a Chat Widget on Multiple Domains


ProProfs Chat lets you provide enhanced customer support by installing an advanced chatbot. With the Domains feature, you can quickly enable the chat widget on multiple domains from a centralized location. The feature allows you to save time and effort in adding chat support to different sites.


Here’s what the chat widget will look like on a domain.


Preview of a Chatbot installed on a domain


By enabling the chat widget on multiple domains, you can


  • Quickly enable chat support on different sites.
  • Save time in installing and customizing the chat window to match the look & feel of a site.


How to Add Domains


Step 1: Navigate to Settings in your ProProfs Chat account.


Step 2: Go to Advanced on the left panel and select Domains.


Go to Settings > Advanced> Domains


Step 3: Enter the domain name in the space provided and click Add Domain.


Note: The names will also appear here if a user has added ProProfs Chat Widget to a new domain.


Enter domain name and click Add Domain


Here’s how the domain list will appear in your ProProfs Chat account.


Domain List


To delete a domain, click the delete icon and confirm.


Delete a Domain


So now you have learned about adding chat widget on multiple domains. For any further assistance or support, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.



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