How to Block Visitors From Using Live Chat


Not all visitors who come to your website are the same. Some are friendly and polite, while some are rude and abusive. Every now and then you may come across visitors who try to intentionally ruin your day. ProProfs Chat enables you to block abusive visitors so that your operators can concentrate on helping other visitors for a delightful experience.


You can prevent visitors from using our Live Chat by blocking their IP addresses. You can even block specific URLs of your website from showing the chat icon. Furthermore, you can block visitors from an entire country as well. Blocked visitors can't see the Live Chat icon, neither do they appear on your visitor list.



In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to block IP addresses
  2. How to block URLs
  3. How to block countries


To block visitors from using ProProfs Chat, go to Settings >> Advanced >> Block Visitors.


Chat settings


1. How to block IP addresses


Under the 'Block IP' tab, follow the instructions below to block visitors from using Live Chat using their IP address.


Block IP


1. Enter the IP address you want to block. Once blocked, you can see the blocked IP address, along with the operator name who has blocked it.

2. Unblock an IP address to reallow the user from this IP address to use chat again.

3. Delete an IP address from the list. Remember that deleting an IP address does not unblock it.


2. How to block a URL


Switch to the 'Block URL' tab and follow the instructions below to block visitors from using Live Chat on certain URLs.


Block URL


1. Enable the URL condition setting to use the 'Block URL' feature.

2. Select the option Hide Chat Icon from the dropdown.

3. You can either provide a URL where you do not want your chat icon to be visible to the visitors or a keyword (the chat icon will be hidden from the visitors' view on every URL of your website that contains the mentioned keyword).

4. Provide the URL or the keyword depending on your requirement.

5. Unhide the chat icon on this particular URL by clicking the switch button and turning it off.

6. Delete the blocked URL from the list. Doing so will also unblock the URL.


3. How to block countries


You can also block visitors from an entire country from using the Live Chat. Use this to block users from countries that you do not service or support. 


Block country


1. Select the country you'd like to block and click 'Block.'

2. Unblock a country anytime you want.





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