How to Block Visitors From Using Live Chat


ProProfs Chat allows you to block users based on their IP address, specific URLs, or even entire countries. By implementing these blocking measures, you can ensure that your Live Chat is reserved for genuine, respectful users, allowing your operators to provide a more focused and positive experience for everyone involved.


By blocking certain visitors, the chat operators can:


  • Concentrate on assisting genuine visitors who require support or have legitimate inquiries
  • Prevent spam and automated bot attacks
  • Enhance productivity by minimizing the unwanted chat requests


In this article, you'll learn how to restrict visitors from using ProProfs Chat on your website:

  1. Using IP addresses
  2. Blocking URLs
  3. Blocking countries


1. To block visitors from using ProProfs Chat, go to Settings > Advanced > Block Visitors.


Chat settings


How to Block Users Using IP Addresses


Under the "Block IP" tab, follow these instructions to block visitors from using Live Chat by their IP address:


Block IP


Step 1: Enter the IP address you wish to block. Once blocked, the blocked IP address, along with the operator's name who performed the block, will be visible.


Step 2:  To allow the user from the blocked IP address to use chat again, unblock the IP address.


NOTE:  Deleting an IP address from the list does not unblock it.


How to Restrict Users by Blocking URL


Under the "Block URL" tab, follow these instructions to block visitors from using Live Chat on specific URLs:


Block URL


Step 1: Enable the URL condition setting to use the 'Block URL' feature.

Step 2: Select the option "Hide Chat Icon" from the dropdown menu.

Step 3:  Specify the URL or a keyword where you do not want the chat icon to be visible to visitors. The chat icon will be hidden on every URL of your website containing the mentioned keyword.

Step 4:  If you want to unhide the chat icon on a particular URL, toggle the switch button to turn it off.

Step 5: To unblock a URL, delete it from the blocked URL list.


How to Restrict Users by Blocking Countries


Under the "Block Country" tab, follow these instructions to block visitors from using ProProfs Chat:


Block country


1. Select the country you want to block and click "Block."

2. Unblock the country at any time when needed.


That's all you need to learn about restricting visitors from using ProProfs Chat via blocking IP addresses,  specific URLs, and countries. If you're having any difficulties or have further questions regarding the setup or customization of the Invitation Pop-up, feel free to contact our support team




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