How to Set Your Live Chat Business Hours


ProProfs Live Chat lets you set business hours during which your chat support team can handle customer queries. You can set multiple business hours if you have a team working in different time zones to align their SLA timers with working hours. 


By setting business hours, you can:


1. Enable transparency around your customer support services.

2. Manage incoming chats effectively, even with a small support team.

3. Execute SLAs properly based on time or place


Here are a few use cases of this feature:


1. It will prevent operators from connecting with visitors after business hours, thus ensuring security.

2. It will automatically switch the operator’s status to ‘Online’ (Accept Chats) during and to ‘Offline’ (Don’t Accept Chats) after business hours.


Note: You must select the correct timezone before setting up the active support hours. Here's how you can do it: How to Set the Chat Dashboard Timezone


How to Set Business Hours for Your Live Chat Support


Step 1: In your ProProfs Live Chat account,


  • Navigate to Settings from the dashboard

  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Advanced section on the left panel.

  • Select Business Hours at the bottom of the list


Setting up Business Hours


Step 2: Click to enable the status. You will see a pop-up mentioning the current time zone. Click OK to proceed.


Accept the time zone pop-up to continue to setting work hours


Step 4: You can do the following on this screen:


1. Add the name of the lot and set working hours for all operators in that time zone. 

2. To add multiple business hours, click Add New Business Hours. Name the lot and set working hours. Repeat the action to add more working hours for different time zones. 


Select the Hours for Active Live Chat Support on Website


Step 3: Click ‘Save’ to finalize the changes.


Note: This setting is available for enterprise and trial accounts only.


That is all about setting up business hours for your live chat support team.



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