How to Invite Visitors With Invitation Pop-Ups? 


An Invitation Pop-up is an automatic chat invite sent by you to your website visitors. You can set them to trigger after a specified period of time, for example, 10 seconds, and encourage your website visitors to chat.


Here's how you can enable the Invitation Pop-up:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard, go to Settings >> Advanced >> Invitation Pop-up.


Go to Settings >> Advanced >> Invitation Pop-up


Here, you can configure:

  • Automatic Invitation: Enable this feature.
  • Time Delay: Set the time after which the invitation will pop-up.
  • Invitation Style: Choose how you want your invite to appear to the website visitor, like a Chat Window or Invitation Pop-up. In case you select Invitation Pop-up, you can further customize the invitation text message.
  • Invitation Close Time: Set the time after which the invitation will close itself.


Save when you're done with the Invitation Pop-up settings.






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