How to Use Advanced Tracking  


ProProfs Live Chat allows you to gather customer information from your web pages and pass it to ProProfs Chat using Advanced and Invisible tracking methods. This information can include custom IDs, customer-related order information, or any other relevant data stored in your database.


Here's a brief overview of tracking methods used in ProProfs Chat:


  • Advanced Tracking: Use this option for passing custom information variables from your web pages to ProProfs Live Chat. You can pass custom identification information, order information related to the customer, or any other information you want to pass from your web page to ProProfs. This information will be available to you in the visitor window and in the chat operator window. 
  • Invisible Tracking: Use this option to monitor your website visitors without displaying the live chat icon. It captures visitor activities such as browsing your website, sending chat requests, and engaging in chat sessions with your operators.


By using advanced tracking via ProProfs Chat on your web pages, the chat operators can:


  • Provide personalized assistance and address customer queries more effectively.
  • Capture valuable insights into visitor patterns, preferences, and interactions.
  • Collect customer-specific details, such as their previous orders or preferences, in order to provide targeted solutions, thereby saving time and enhancing customer satisfaction.


In this article, you will learn about using 


1. Advanced Tracking 

2. Invisible Tracking


How to Use Advanced Tracking


Step 1:  Access the "Tracking API" option under the "Advanced" menu in "Settings."



Step 2: Add Name and Value of Custom Variable. For example, if you want to pass the customer name, order no. and the city. In the name type "customer name" and in the value, you can type the name of the customer or the name of the variable.


If you are using PHP, use the following code snippet:


        echo $sCustomerName;


For ASP, use:


<% = $sCustomerName %>


You can pass any number of variables in this manner.

Step 4: After adding all the required variables, click on "Chat Code." Copy and paste the generated code on your web pages, just above the ProProfs Live Chat code.


The information will now be available to support operators in the visitor monitoring window and chat window. It provides support operators with immediate access to visitor-specific information when accepting a chat.


How to Use Invisible Tracking


  In the Tracking API page and select  ‘Invisible Tracking’. Copy & Paste the code on the page of your website before the </body> tag.



Now you have learned all about capturing visitors' data using Advanced and Invisible tracking methods. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any further questions or need assistance.



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