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You can enable emoticons in chat window settings to make the conversation more engaging for your site visitors. Also, allow your operators and site visitors to share files during a live chat. The software settings will enable you to send a chat transcript automatically to operators once a session ends.


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By configuring visitor’s chat window settings:


  • You can improve visitor’s chat experience by enabling/disabling features

  • You can acquire more information about your visitors to provide better support and increase customer satisfaction levels


Here's a preview of the visitor's chat window:


Visitor's Chat Window Preview


In this article, you'll learn,


1. How to Customize Chat Window Settings

2. How to Customize Real-time Monitoring

3. How to Set the Chat Dashboard Timezone


 How to Customize Chat Window Settings


Step 1: On your ProProfs Live Chat dashboard, click Settings.


Open ProProfs Chat Settings


Step 2: Under the Chat Window drop-down on the left, click Settings to access the visitor chat window settings. Turn settings on/off as per your preference.


Each setting for the visitor chat window is explained below:

  • Emoticons: Let your visitor use emoticons during a chat.
  • File Upload: Let your visitor share a file during a chat.
  • Chat Rating: Let your visitor rate your operator during and after a chat session.
  • AutoClose: Set a time limit for chat inactivity. When this time limit is over, that particular chat session is closed automatically.
  • Email transcript to operators: Chat transcript is sent automatically to the chat operator after a chat session.
  • Email transcript to visitor: Chat transcript is sent automatically to the visitor after a chat session is over.
  • Timestamp: Enable timestamp for each chat message during a session, visible to both the operator and the visitor.
  • Hide chat icon: Use the setting to hide the offline chat icon when operators are unavailable to take chats.
  • Wait Time Message: Let your visitors know whether their chat request is in the queue and its current standing.


Configure the Chat Window


Once done, don't forget to click Save at the bottom of the screen. 


 How to Customize Real-time Monitoring


Step 1: For more settings, click Real-Time Monitoring.


Configure the chat monitoring window


Real-Time Monitoring settings enable the operators to manage wait time, auto-logout, and obtain visitor location:


  • Maximum Wait Time: Set a duration for an operator within which they can accept a chat request. The visitor can still send offline messages if the chat request is unaccepted.


  • Operator Availability: Set a specific time based on your timezone or availability duration, after which you want your chat operators to log out or go offline.


Set operator availability


  • Hide Visitors: Use this option to see only those visitors in the waiting queue for a chat. It hides the remaining website visitors.


  • Show Visitor's IP: Get information about the visitor's IP address in the monitoring window.


  • Show Visitor's Location: You know your visitors' location in the real-time monitoring window. 


  • Show Bot Conversation: Operators can view the ongoing conversation between users and the AI bot. It will also allow a chat operator to take control of the chat at any stage to assist the user.


Bot conversation in the ongoing chat list


The user will be notified when an operator takes over the chat in the chat window.


Notification for operator joining the chat


  • Chat Routing: You can pick any one of the routing algorithms:
  1. Less Busy: Route the chat to an operator who is handling the lowest number of active chats at the time of an incoming request.
  2. Round Robin: The round-robin method in ProProfs Chat routes chats to operators one by one in sequential order. Chats are initially assigned from the first to the last available operator. Once all operators have received their first round, subsequent rounds begin from the first operator. If an operator becomes busy, they are temporarily moved to the end of the queue and receive chats when their turn comes up again. This method evenly distributes the workload among operators.


  • Operator's Status: You can add custom status for operators to pick from based on their activity when they are not online. It will help you monitor their overall performance.


Choose your chat routing algorithm and add custom operator status


Click Save when you're done making changes to the settings.



 How to Set the Chat Dashboard Timezone


Step 1: In your ProProfs Live Chat account,


  • Navigate to Settings from the dashboard.
  • Under Chat Window on the left panel, click Settings.
  • Click Select your time zone on the top right of your screen.


Set the time zone of your live chat window


Step 2: In the pop-up window,


Follow these screenshot instructions:


Select the country and the time zone for your live chat window


1. Select the country from the drop-down list

2. Set the timezone


Step 3: Click 'Save' to finalize your changes.


That is all about the visitor chat window settings.



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