How to Send Live Chat Transcripts via API 

The API allows you to automatically send the chat transcript after each chat session to your application or 3rd party application integration. Simply specify the URL and other details. The transcript will be posted to the specified URL, which you can add to your customer log, etc.


Here's How can you enable Chat Transcript API:

Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Live Chat account and then navigate to  ‘Settings’.

Chat Transcript API


Step 2: Click on 'Advanced' and select the ‘API’.

Select Chat Transcript API


Step 3: Select ‘Chat Transcripts’ and enable the post-chat transcript API toggle button to ‘Yes’.

Enable Chat Transcript API


Step 4: After enabling the post-chat transcript API fill in the information as instructed below:

Setting up Chat Transcript API


Field Name Description
Host The domain name for the script, for example- or
Script Path The path for the script /yourtestscript.php or /yourtestscript.asp etc.

Default: HTTP:// connections are not secure because they exchange credentials and data in clear text, so we recommend using HTTPS.

Secure (Recommended): HTTPS:// connections are secure, encrypting both credentials and information.


Enter all the required values for hostname, script path, and then select the port.


Step 5: Navigate and click on the ‘Check Connection’ option to verify the API connection. Then click on the ‘Save’ button to save the entered values.


Once you are done with the above steps the chat transcript details will be automatically sent to the desired path in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format.


Example Response [Success] 


Content-Type: application/json
             "l2s_name":    "Test",
             "l2s_email":    "",
             "l2s_sesid":     "322247Xpzc3cckidrddoml24p",
             "l2s_id":      "3222X",
             "l2s_ip":    "45.64.11.XX",
             "l2s_logid":    "Test Account",
             "l2s_lang":     "236XX",
             "l2s_msg": "Test Account: How may i help you today? [01-01-2020 22:31:31]\r\nTest Account:     test5 [09-01-2020     22:31:32]\r\nTest Account: hi [09-01-2020 22:31:33]\r\n",
             "l2s_date":    "2020-01-09 22:31:35",
             "l2s_duration":    15,
             "l2s_totalduration":   15,
             "l2s_returnedval":    "Test Account",
             "l2s_question":    "Test chat"



Response Field Description
l2s_name The visitor’s name.
l2s_email The visitor’s email id.
l2s_sesid The chat session id.
l2s_id The chat site id.
l2s_ip The visitor’s IP address.
l2s_logid The operator’s ID.
l2s_lang The selected language for chat support.
l2s_msg The chat transcript text.
l2s_date The date stamp of the chat.
l2s_duration The duration of the chat.
l2s_totalduration The total duration of the chat.
l2s_returnedval The return value for the chat.
l2s_question The custom for questions.






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