Managing Bot Interactions


When you create a chatbot for your website, you need to consider how to design the interaction panel. It will ask pertinent questions to create a conversation flow and display the bot's responses to the visitors to assist them better. 


Let us look at the various interaction types available in the ProProfs chatbot to help you create an effective virtual assistant.


1. Interaction Only


2. Response Type


3. Action


Text Interaction Only


The interaction type allows the bot to simply make an announcement, share information, or welcome visitors. The bot will automatically move on to the next interaction panel in the flow.



Multiple Choice


This allows the bot to present a set of predefined options to the visitor. For example, “What is your preferred contact method? 1. Email 2. Phone 3. Text message”.


Multiple choice options


Text Response


This enables the visitor to type in a free-form text response. For example, “Please describe the issue you’re facing.”


Enable text response


Date & Time


This allows the visitor to select a specific date and time. For example, “When would you like to schedule the appointment?”.


Use date and time to schedule a meet or call


File Attachment


This enables the visitor to upload a file. For example, “Please upload the screenshot of the error you’re seeing.”


Attach File to the Bot conversation


Submit A Ticket


This action allows the bot to create a support ticket on behalf of the visitor. For example, if a visitor reports an issue that can’t be resolved in the chat, the bot can create a ticket for further assistance. (Requires ProProfs Chat integration with the Help desk)


Enable bot to submit a ticket on visitor's behalf to a help desk inbox


Knowledge Base


This action enables the bot to pull in relevant articles from the company’s knowledge base. For example, if a visitor asks how to reset their password, the bot can provide a link to a step-by-step guide in the knowledge base. 


(Requires ProProfs Chat integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base)


Link to a Knowledge Base site


Send to Operator


This action allows the bot to transfer the chat to a human operator. For example, if a visitor has a complex question that the bot can’t answer, the bot can transfer the chat to a human for further assistance.


Configure the action for the bot to transfer the chat to an operator group


Send Transcript


This action enables the bot to send a transcript of the chat to any email address. For example, you can provide your email address in the interaction panel and receive the transcript in your inbox to analyze the bot conversation with visitors.


Send transcript of bot conversation to your email address


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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