Bot Performance Report


The Bot Performance Report feature in ProProfs Live Chat allows admins to monitor and analyze the performance of messaging bots over time. This feature helps assess the impact of bots on chat interactions with end-users.


Here's what the report page looks like:


Bot Performance Report Page


The Bot performance reports let you:


  • Assess the effectiveness of bots in providing valuable responses and meeting user needs
  • Analyze the Bot performance trends over different time periods and make data-driven decisions
  • Enhance chat interactions by effectively identifying and distinguishing between valid and invalid conversations.


How to Access and Utilize the Bot Performance Report


Step 1: Navigate to the Reports section in your ProProfs Live Chat account and select "Bot."


Bot performance report


Step 2: Selecting a Bot


  • On the Bot Performance Report page, you will find the performance reports for all your bots. You can choose to view the performance of all bots or select a specific bot from the dropdown list.


  • The report provides information on the total number of chats handled by the bot. It also distinguishes between valid and invalid conversations, such as spam.


Checking Bot Performance of ProProfs Live Chatbots


Step 3: Analyzing Invalid Chats


  • For more in-depth insights and analysis, you can access and download transcripts of invalid or unfinished bot chats. To do this, click on the "Invalid Chats" box and use the download icon to save the records.


Invalid Chat Details Data


Step 4: Analyzing Bot Engagement


  • The report includes a graph that illustrates the engagement level of your bots. This allows you to gauge how effective the bots are in interacting with users.


Bot Engagement


  • Additionally, the report provides a graphical representation of total, valid, and invalid chats, enabling you to quickly assess their relevance. You can choose to view hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly charts based on your preferences.


Bot Conversations Breakdown


That concludes the overview of the Bot Performance Report feature in ProProfs Live Chat. Use this feature to gain valuable insights into your bot's performance and improve your chat interactions with users. If you are still facing any issues accessing the Bot Performance Report, feel free to contact our support team.



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