How to View Contacts Report


Contacts are the visitor’s info you collect via a pre-chat form when the chat is online or when a visitor initiates a conversation with ProProfs Bot. It includes basic information, such as name and email address.

Here's how a contact will appear in the Reports after a visitor initiates a chat:


Preview of Contacts Report


Contacts report can help you in the following ways-


  • Lead Generation- Using contact details, you can expand your customer base by generating leads

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)- Seamlessly transfer contact details to a CRM system and maintain a centralized database

  • Retargeting- Reach out to potential customers through personalized campaigns based on the contact details

  • Follow-ups- Connect with your customers to fix unresolved issues, provide additional info, or gather feedback


How to View Contacts Report


Step 1: Go to Reports > Contacts in your ProProfs Chat account.


Go to Cotacts under Reports in your ProProfs Chat account


Step 2: You will see the details provided by the visitors before or after a chat session.


  1. Select the contacts to view based on their conversation with an operator or a bot, or both.

  2. View contacts from a specific time range

  3. Navigate through the contact list or download it


View Contacts Report



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