Operator Performance Report


The Operator Performance Report offers insightful data to analyze the performance of your operators. By leveraging this report, you can identify operators' efficiency and provide them with the necessary feedback and support.


Watch this video tutorial to learn how to effectively monitor and analyze your chat operator performance. The video provides step-by-step instructions on accessing and utilizing the Operator Performance Report.


Video About: How to Monitor Your Chat Operator Performance


By evaluating the Operator Performance Report, you (chat admin) can:


  • Assess the workload of every operator by tracking the number of requests they handle, which helps to distribute the workload more effectively and ensure a balanced and efficient chat support environment
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of the individual operators' effectiveness
  • Acknowledge high-performing operators and identify training needs for low-performing operators


To Access the Operator Performance Report


Log in to your ProProfs Chat account and navigate to Reports > Operator.


navigate to operator report


The Operator Performance Report provides comprehensive data on individual operators, allowing you to assess their performance based on key metrics. Let's explore the different sections of the report:


Operator Performance Report

1. Operator: This section displays the name of the operator.


2. Requests: Here, you can see the number of requests received by the operator. The "Accepted" and "Missed" sections specify the exact count of fulfilled and missed requests. Monitoring this section helps you understand the workload and efficiency of each operator, as missed requests can impact customer experience.


3. Rating: The rating section displays the average rating received by the operator. Ratings are color-coded for easy identification: green signifies a good rating, orange signifies an average rating, and red signifies a bad rating. Utilize this information to identify operators who may need additional support or training to improve their performance.


4. Rated Chats: This section indicates how many visitor chats have been rated by the operator. It's important to consider that sometimes low-rated operators may have a better operating record than high-rated operators simply because more of their chats have been rated. Analyzing this number is crucial when assessing an operator's efficiency accurately.


5. Response Time: This section shows the average time an operator takes to respond to a request. Responding promptly is vital for customer satisfaction. Consider setting a target response time and strive to meet or exceed it consistently.


That's all you need to know about the Operator Performance Report in ProProfs Chat. If you are facing any issues or have questions about using the Operator Performance Report or any other features of ProProfs Chat, feel free to connect with our dedicated support team.



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