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The operator performance reports provide you with insightful data to analyze the performance of your operators. You can use the performance reports to identify which operators aren't working efficiently and also provide necessary feedback to them.


Here's how you can access the operator performance report:

Step 1: Navigate to the Reports >> Operator.


Navigate to the Reports and select operator


Operator Performance Report:  It provides data for all operators. Various sections of the performance reports are explained below.


Operator Performance Report


Operator: The name of the operator.


Requests: The number of requests that have been received by the operator. The Accepted and Missed section specifies exactly how many requests were fulfilled and how many were missed.


Rating: The rating section displays the average rating the operator has received. Green color signifies a good rating, Orange signifies an average rating and red signifies a bad rating. The ratings can help you identify which operators need help.


Rated Chats: This list specifies how many visitor chats rated the operator. Sometimes low rated operators might have a better operating record than a high rated operator simply because more of their chats have been rated. This number is an important factor when analyzing operator efficiency.


Response time: The average time an operator takes to respond to a request. 





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