Operator Timesheet


In ProProfs Chat, the timesheet provides you (admin) analytical data for chat operators' activities, such as their login, active hours, and offline hours. Timesheets help the chat admin to measure efficiency and view the status report of the chat operator(s). 


See the video below to see how the chat admin can monitor the operator's performance.




How to Access the Timesheets For Your Chat Account:


Step 1: Navigate to the Reports > Timesheet.


Navigate to the Reports and select time sheet


Timesheets provide you data for your operators' activities, such as:

  • Days: Shows the number of days for which the chat operator worked.
  • Login Hours: The duration of the time that you are logged in to your ProProfs Chat account.
  • Offline Hours: The duration of the time when your status is offline (indicated by red) while you are logged in to your ProProfs Chat account.
  • Active Hours: The duration when your online status is indicated in green.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency is the percentage of active hours out of the login hours.


You can view and download data for any specific day or range of time for all or any particular operator. 

operator timesheet


Here's how the status report shows you the "Timeline" and "Duration" of the "Status" set by the chat operator for a specific day when you click the "View Details" button on the timesheet.


status report of chat operator


That's all about accessing the chat operator's timesheets in ProProfs Chat. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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