How to Integrate Zendesk With ProProfs Live Chat


Integrating ProProfs Chat in Zendesk Help Center offers businesses the opportunity to enhance their customer support capabilities and build strong, lasting relationships with clients. By enabling real-time communication, providing personalized assistance, and supporting multiple channels, this integration reduces response times, boosts customer satisfaction, and streamlines ticket management processes.


Additionally, proactive customer engagement and easy installation further contribute to a seamless and efficient support experience, ultimately fostering business growth and success.


This help article will guide you in integrating ProProfs Chat in your Zendesk help center in simple, easy steps.


Here's how your Zendesk will look after integrating ProProfs Live Chat with it:


proprofs chat widget in zendesk help center


By integrating ProProfs Chat in your Zendesk Help Support, you'll be able to:


  • Offers real-time visitor monitoring, allowing support agents to see customers' browsing behavior and page visits. This valuable insight empowers agents to anticipate customer needs and proactively provide assistance, increasing engagement and conversion rates
  • Create fully customizable chat widgets that match their branding and website design
  • Providing in-depth support using the integration enables the easy conversion of chat transcripts into support tickets within Zendesk 


Here's how you can integrate ProProfs Live Chat with Zendesk:

  1. Adding ProProfs Chat to Zendesk.
  2. Sending Chat Transcripts & Offline Messages to Zendesk as Tickets.
  3. Getting the Zendesk API Token.

How to Add ProProfs Live Chat to Zendesk


Step 1: Log into the ProProfs Live Chat control. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Website. Copy the ProPorfs Chat installation code.


copy proprofs chat installation code


Step 2: Log in to your Zendesk account and navigate to Help center > Design your help center under Get Started. Click Design help center to continue.


design help center


Step 3: Click "Edit Code" to access the code editor.



Step 4:  Navigate to "footer.hbs" and paste the ProProfs Chat installation code after the </footer> tag. Click Publish to save the changes.



Now ProProfs Live Chat will be available to visitors of your Zendesk help center.


 How to Send Chat Transcripts & Offline Messages to Zendesk as Ticket


Step 1: In your ProProfs Chat, navigate to Settings > Integrations. Enable Zendesk Integration using the toggle button.


zendesk integration in chat


Step 2: Once you enable Zendesk Integration, a pop up will appear. Provide Subdomain, Registered Email Address, Zendesk Token, and click on Save.



Step 3: Now you can see Live Chat transcripts and offline messages in Zendesk as tickets.


How to get Zendesk API Token from the Zendesk admin panel


Step 1: Log in to your Zendesk account. Navigate to Products icon > Admin Center. 



Step 2: Navigate to Apps and integrations > Zendesk API to access the API token.



Step 3: In the Settings tab, enable Token access, click "Add API token" and click Copy.


zendesk api token


That's all you need to know about integrating ProProfs Chat with Zendesk help center. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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