How to Integrate ProProfs Live Chat With iContact


iContact provides advanced email marketing automation services. Integrating ProProfs Chat with iContact allows you to capture important details of your website visitors during online chat interactions. Thereby, creating leads and better email marketing opportunities.


Benefits of ProProfs Chat integration with iContact:

  • Get new subscribers every time a visitor fills the pre-chat survey form
  • Use captured details and market your services through emails
  • Know your visitors better by monitoring their profile for personalized email marketing


For this integration, you require the Application ID and the List ID from iContact. In this article, you'll learn:


Here's how to acquire the Application ID from iContact:


Step 1: Log in to your iContact account and click on your user account at the top right corner. Then go to Settings and Billing >> iContact Integrations and click Create next to the Custom API Integrations to register your API application.




Step 2: Under the Getting Connected section, you can now see the Application ID and the username/email address. Additionally, you can generate the password using the Regenerate Password button.


Application ID and List ID from iContact


Here's how to obtain the List ID:


Step 1: Perform the following steps (as shown in the screenshot below):

  1. Click Contacts.
  2. Click Lists.
  3. Click on the three-dot button of the list you want to integrate.
  4. Click View Subscribers.
  5. In the URL provided, you can see the List ID. For example, 12345.


List ID from iContact


Finish the integration between ProProfs Chat and iContact:


Step 1: Go to your ProProfs Chat dashboard, then Settings >> Integrations >> Email Marketing, and enable iContact.


Live Chat integration settings


Step 2: Enter the details:

  • Username: This is usually the email ID that you used to register at iContact. In case you're using the sandbox for testing, this is your sandbox environment username.
  • Password: This application password is used as input when your application authenticates to the API.
  • Application ID and List ID that you obtained from your iContact account.


When you've entered the details, save, and the integration is complete.


iContact integration with Live Chat


With this integration, after every chat, the visitor's data such as the name, phone number, email ID, etc., will be sent to your iContact list. To see these details, go to your iContact account and then to the Contacts section.


Live Chat integration with iContact




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