How to Manage Live Chat Operators


In Proprofs Chat, you can add or delete a chat operator to manage the chat window efficiently. Live chat operators can interact 24/7 with customers and are responsible for answering queries & assisting customers through chat.


Managing  Live Chat Operators lets you:


  • Set up chat routing to distribute workload and reduce chat response time.

  • Provide exceptional support through the Visitor Conversation Window.


Here is how you can add or delete a chat operator from the dashboard.




In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Manage Live Chat Operators

2. How to Manage Live Chat Operators in a Team

3. How to Restrict Operators From Viewing Transcripts


How to Manage Live Chat Operators


In your ProProfs Chat account,


Step 1: Go to Operators in the navigation menu.


Go to Operators


Step 2: To add an operator,


  • Click "Invite Operators."




  • Enter the recipient's email and click “Send Invite.”




The email will be added to the invitation list.




  • To invite multiple operators, enter the email address separated by “,” in the text box.




  • The user(s) will receive the invitation to join the ProProfs Chat. To proceed further, they need to click “Activate Account.”




  • The user will have to fill in the required form and save it.




The new Chat Operator will now be visible in the list.




You can assign the role of Admin to any Chat operator.


Step 3: To assign an Admin role


  • Click the edit icon.




  • Assign the Admin (1) role using the toggle button. You can also update the password for this operator using the Set Password (2) option. Once done, click Save (3).


Assign the admin role and set a password



The selected user will be shown as Admin in the operator list




Step 4: To delete an Operator


  • Under Action, click the delete icon against the operator you wish to remove.




  • Click Yes to confirm.




The operator will be deleted from the list.


How to Manage Live Chat Operators in a Team

Let's first add a live chat operator to the team.


Step 1: Navigate to Operators, and switch to the Teams tab.




Step 2: Select team and click +Add Operator.




Step 3: Select the operators and click Save.




All the selected operators are now added to the team.




 Now, to delete a Live Chat Operator, select the operators and click Remove Operators.




The selected operators are deleted from the team.




 How to Restrict Operators From Viewing Transcripts


After adding the operator, the admin can disable permission so all the transcripts will not be visible to all the operators.


To restrict the operators from viewing transcripts,


  • Click the toggle button to disable transcripts.

  • Click Save.




Now the chat operator cannot read the transcripts of all the chats.

That is all about managing live chat operators.


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