How to View/Respond to Offline Messages


With ProProfs Live Chat, you never miss an opportunity to stay in touch with your customers. Leverage offline messages to receive call-back requests & collect customer queries during offline hours.


The offline visitor messages in Live Chat help you to:


  • Offer your customers 24x7 support.

  • Optimize the user experience and increase conversion rates.

  • Easily create tickets for complex queries directly from the offline messages screen. This will work only after enabling the helpdesk.

  • Reply via email to acknowledge customer queries, and for further conversation and status tracking of tickets, you can navigate to ProProfs Helpdesk directly.


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to View and Respond to Offline Messages

2. How to Create Tickets for Offline Customer Queries


 How to View and Respond to Offline Messages


Step 1: In your ProProfs Live Chat account,


  • Navigate to ‘Transcripts’ in the upper menu.

  • Click on ‘Offline Messages’ on the left panel.


Navigating to Offline Messages


Step 2: On the offline messages screen, 


  • You will see a catalog of every offline visitor message.


Catalog of Offline Messages


  • On this screen, you can filter your offline messages based on their status, i.e., open, sent, and closed.


Filtering the Offline Messages


  • You can also download offline visitor messages. Click on the ‘downward arrow button’ to do so.


Downloading offline visitor messages


  • Click on the ‘Magnifier Icon’ under the ‘View’ column to open a message.


Viewing an Offline Message


Step 3: You can respond to the offline message when you open it. Here, you can edit the subject and type in your response.


Responding to a offline message


  • You can even create a tag for easy identification of the query. Click on ‘Add Tag’ to do so.


These tags may help you filter offline messages on the main screen.


Filtering based on tags


  • Also, you can change the status of the offline message.


Changing the status of an offline message


 How to Create Tickets for Offline Customer Queries


To perform this action, please enable the helpdesk. Go to Settings >> Channels >> Helpdesk.


Learn more about configuring ProProfs Helpdesk from Live Chat here.


To create tickets for offline customer queries,


  • Click on the ‘Magnifier Icon’ under the ‘View’ column to open a message.

  • Click on the ‘Ticket Icon’ to create a ticket.


Creating a ticket from the offline visitor message


  • You can find tickets in your ProProfs Helpdesk account, and support agents can resolve those tickets from the helpdesk.


That is all about offline visitor messages in ProProfs Live Chat.



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