How to Integrate ProProfs Chat With BigCommerce


Integrating ProProfs Chat with your BigCommerce store lets you enhance customer communication and drive business growth. With ProProfs Chat, you can effortlessly incorporate a powerful live chat solution into your online store, enabling you to provide instant support, personalized assistance, and seamless interactions with your customers.


This help article will guide you in quickly setting up ProProfs Chat and start reaping the benefits of real-time customer support.


Here's how the ProProfs Chat Widget appears on your Bigcommerce store:


ProProfs Chat and BigCommerce integration


ProProfs Chat brings a host of benefits to your BigCommerce store, such as:


  • Providing real-time support to your customers
  • Capture potential leads by initiating proactive chat invitations, engaging visitors, and guiding them toward making a purchase decision
  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences through ProProfs Chat Reports


To Integrate ProProfs Live Chat With BigCommerce


Step 1: On your ProProfs Chat dashboard, go to Settings > Channels and copy the ProPrpfs Live Chat installation code.


proprofs live chat code


Step 2: Log in to the admin panel of your BigCommerce store. Navigate to Storefront > My Themes, find your desired theme and click Customize to edit it.


BigCommerce settings


Step 3: Under Page Builder, there are several widgets available. Drag and drop the HTML widget to the desired location within your theme.


BigCommerce HTML setting


Step 4: Paste the Live Chat installation code in the HTML editor. Click on Save HTML to save the changes made to the widget. Finally, Save the overall theme changes.


Add Live Chat HTML code in BigCommerce site


Visit your BigCommerce online store. The ProProfs Chat icon will now be visible on your website.


You have successfully integrated ProProfs Chat with your BigCommerce store. Now you can provide real-time support and personalized communication to your customers, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Contact our support team for assistance if you encounter any issues during the integration process.


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