How to Integrate CS-Cart With ProProfs Live Chat


Leverage real-time customer engagement by seamlessly integrating ProProfs Live Chat with your CS-Cart-based e-commerce website. By integrating ProProfs Live Chat, you can take your customer engagement to new heights and transform opportunities into solid leads.


This help article will take you through the steps to effortlessly integrate ProProfs Live Chat with CS-Cart, enabling you to provide exceptional customer support and monitor website visitors right from your CS-Cart store.


Here's how the ProProfs Chat widget appears on your CS-Cart store:


ProProfs Live Chat ready for your CS-Cart store

By integrating ProProfs Chat with your CS- cart store, you can:


  • Address customer queries in real-time, ensuring high customer satisfaction and trust in your brand
  • Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences
  • Assist customers in real-time during their buying journey, addressing concerns promptly


To Integrate ProProfs Live Chat With CS-Cart


Step 1: Log into ProProfs Live Chat Account. Go to Settings > Channels > Website and copy the ProProfs Chat Live Chat code.


copy proprofs chat code


Step 2: Log into the CS-Cart Store admin account.


 Log into the CS-Cart Store admin account

Step 3: From the upper menu, click on Design. Select Layouts from the dropdown menu.


Then go to the upper menu and click on Design


Step 4: Locate and click on Manage Blocks.



Create a new HTML block and add live chat code


Step 5: Click on the HTML block option to create a new HTML block.


Click on the HTML block


Step 6: In the content section of the newly created HTML block, paste the ProProfs Live Chat code that you copied in Step 1.


Add ProProfs Live Chat code in the content section

Step 7: Add the Block to Your Layout. 


Add this block into your layout section


Find the ProProfs Live Chat block in the list and select it.


Now you will see ProProfs Live Chat listed in the block.


Step 8: Edit the layout where you want to display ProProfs Live Chat.


Edit the layout and add the ProProfs Live Chat block


ProProfs Live Chat is now successfully integrated with your CS-Cart store.


That's all you need to know about integrating ProProfs Chat with CS-Cart store. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to reach out ProProfs support for help.



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