How to Integrate ProProfs Live Chat with Magento


You can easily integrate the ProProfs Live Chat with your Magento eCommerce store by installing the ProProfs Live Chat extension available on the Magento marketplace.


This integration converts visitors into customers, tracks activity, and answers products, pricing, offers, and other related queries in real time. All this enhances the overall shopping experience along with boosting your online sales.


Watch this quick video guide to learn more about Live Chat integration with Magento:



Or continue reading to understand it step-by-step.


Benefits of ProProfs Live Chat integration with Magento:


  • No coding is required for integration.
  • Engage real-time website visitors using upcoming events, sales, upgrades, and more.
  • Capture customer feedback via post-chat forms.


How to Integrate ProProfs Live Chat With Magento eCommerce Store


Step 1:  Log in to the admin panel of your Magento eCommerce store.


log in mangento


Step 2: In the admin panel, navigate to “FIND PARTNERS & EXTENSIONS” and click “Visit Magento Marketplaces.”




Step 3: Enter “ProProfs” in the search box and click “ProProfs LiveChat extension” from the search results.




This will redirect you to the Magento Marketplace.


Step 4: Click “Add to Cart,” and the ProProfs Chat login screen will appear.




Step 5: On the ProProfs Chat login screen,


  • Enter the Email and Password of your ProProfs Chat account.

  • Click “Login & Install Chat.” 



Upon login, you will see a confirmation for successful ProProfs Chat installation.




Additional information:  After installing the ProProfs Chat extension on your Magento site, you can log in to your ProProfs Chat account by navigating to CONTENT and clicking “Login” from the Content menu.




That is all about integrating ProProfs Live Chat with the Magento eCommerce store.



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